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The BEST 2.1 Amplifier I have EVER Reviewed

I;ve had my hands on a few 2.1 boards in the past. They seem to always come up short. Not this one! With DSP, DAC, fiber optic in and whole house audio…this offers everything I have been looking for in a 2.1 amplifier.

How to Hide a Sub in Plain Sight

Let’s be honest with Audio there is typically a certain amount of WAF (wife acceptance factor) that needs to be considered. And typically subwoofers are the least accepted component of a home theater or stereo. They are just ugly boxes that sit in the corner and make loud booms aka bass. But what if we could take that same subwoofer and make it not only a central part of your home theater, but also a central part of your home décor? That is exactly, what I choose to do.

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