Sealed or Ported Sub? What should I do?

It seems like this would be an easy decision. Just pick the box that best fits your design goal. But did you know that there are two differing rules of thumbs on what type of box a driver would best be utilized in? Seriously. One of them uses the QTS of the driver, while the other uses a formula called Efficiency Bandwidth Product. Let’s talk about both for a minute.

How to Fill your room with sound?

I have lost count how many times someone has asked me, how do I get room filling sound from the speakers I am building? This is a more complicated question, that we should take some time on The first thought, is I want bigger speakers. Or the drivers, I use should be bigger. If theyContinue reading “How to Fill your room with sound?”

Transmission Line Calculator

Many people love the idea of a transmission line speaker, but the task of building one is overwhelming.  So much math!  That was until today. I recently found this web-site that will allow you to figure out your transmission line all via a calculator.  In fact, it gives you all the dimensions you need.  ItContinue reading “Transmission Line Calculator”

The Best Free Website to figure out Enclosure Volume

I don’t believe speaker building should have to be expensive. SO I try my hardest to show you web-sites when I find them that can help keep the costs down. This new site, is awesome! It allows you to figure out your enclosure volume based off the material size you are using. Ie if youContinue reading “The Best Free Website to figure out Enclosure Volume”

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