How to Fill your room with sound?

I have lost count how many times someone has asked me, how do I get room filling sound from the speakers I am building? This is a more complicated question, that we should take some time on The first thought, is I want bigger speakers. Or the drivers, I use should be bigger. If theyContinue reading “How to Fill your room with sound?”

Building a HiFi Test Amplifier

Today I am going to be teaching you how to build a HiFi testing amplifier.  The first thing you need to do is figure out what amplifier to use.  You and I may love curves, but not on our frequency response.  For this you want a flat smooth response, so you hear exactly what isContinue reading “Building a HiFi Test Amplifier”

Win a Pair Of Dayton Esoteric Drivers

Want to win a pair of Dayton Esoteric 5.5″ drivers? Check out the forum for the official rules: Take a look at the overview of them by 123Toid: A few pictures of the Esoteric line. If you want more information about these drivers or other products, check out Parts Express.

Where did all my Bass go? Baffle Step Compensation

There is a lot of confusion on baffle step compensation and why it is necessary.  But the basic premise, is that just by putting a speaker in a box, you lose 6db of bass.  The cutoff frequency is dependent on the size of the box.  Now this may seem very complex, but once you getContinue reading “Where did all my Bass go? Baffle Step Compensation”

The Best FRD and ZMA Tracer – FPGraphTracer

In order to make a custom crossover you need to have the FRD and ZMA files.  Now there are many ways to go about attaining those files, but it is not always easy to find them.  In fact some companies only give you the information you need in a PDF file with no easy wayContinue reading “The Best FRD and ZMA Tracer – FPGraphTracer”

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