How to Hide a Sub in Plain Sight

Let’s be honest with Audio there is typically a certain amount of WAF (wife acceptance factor) that needs to be considered. And typically subwoofers are the least accepted component of a home theater or stereo. They are just ugly boxes that sit in the corner and make loud booms aka bass. But what if we could take that same subwoofer and make it not only a central part of your home theater, but also a central part of your home décor? That is exactly, what I choose to do.


The Klipsch KL-650 THX Ultra II were iconic in the Home Theater Industry. It was one of the first times I remember that you could affordably buy speakers that were truly designed for a small movie theater, for your own home theater. However, when I say affordably, they still cost around $$3500 for a pair! And for the entire system…a cool $13,000! And although, for movie theater speakers, that isn’t crazy, it is still a lot more than I want to spend on my Home Theater. And truthfully, I think that is the same as most other people. SO why not build some, for a lot cheaper.

Horn Speaker – Best Place to Start

So I found this awesome site today which helps you design and build a horn speaker.  Many people like the idea of a Horn speaker, but do not know where to start.  That is where this site comes into play.  There is a free download for an Excel spreadsheet which will actually calculate all theContinue reading “Horn Speaker – Best Place to Start”

Transmission Line Calculator

Many people love the idea of a transmission line speaker, but the task of building one is overwhelming.  So much math!  That was until today. I recently found this web-site that will allow you to figure out your transmission line all via a calculator.  In fact, it gives you all the dimensions you need.  ItContinue reading “Transmission Line Calculator”

The Best Free Website to figure out Enclosure Volume

I don’t believe speaker building should have to be expensive. SO I try my hardest to show you web-sites when I find them that can help keep the costs down. This new site, is awesome! It allows you to figure out your enclosure volume based off the material size you are using. Ie if youContinue reading “The Best Free Website to figure out Enclosure Volume”

The Best FRD and ZMA Tracer – FPGraphTracer

In order to make a custom crossover you need to have the FRD and ZMA files.  Now there are many ways to go about attaining those files, but it is not always easy to find them.  In fact some companies only give you the information you need in a PDF file with no easy wayContinue reading “The Best FRD and ZMA Tracer – FPGraphTracer”

Cut List – The Most Efficient way to Cut Wood for your Boxes

Cut list is actually a free program that helps you maximize your cuts when making speakers.  You see, the one part that can drive a speaker maker or woodworker mad, is how to make the most efficient cuts from your wood.  Or in other words, how do I keep the maximum waste for future projects. Continue reading “Cut List – The Most Efficient way to Cut Wood for your Boxes”

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